Literacy Library: Tutor Tools & Resources

LCMC-LogoLCMC Resources (shared with permission)

AACLC wants to express its sincere appreciation to the Literacy Council of Montgomery County (LCMC) for generously sharing its tutor resources and training materials with us. They have a wealth of materials available online, including the following resources:

Laubach Skill Book Activity Sheets which are geared to each lesson in your teacher’s manual. There are four Tutor Supplemental worksheets on this page.

Personal Goals and Achievements Feb 2016 (.pdf version) –  Help your student identify his/her goals.

Personal Goals and Achievements in Spanish Feb 2016 (.pdf version) – en Espanol!

Student Learning Goals Pictorial (.pdf version)- Beginning learners can use pictures to describe their common goals.

CheckUps are evaluations administered by the tutor at the end of each Skill Book level.  They are used to assess student progress and identify areas that may need to be reviewed in future lessons.

Success Stories About Adult Learners – Click on the links to stories about real students and tutors, past and present. These pieces were created by tutors to reinforce vocabulary and sentence structure, and for interest.

Session Planner – A blank template to help you plan your tutoring sessions can be found in both MS Word  and .pdf  formats.  Select the one that works best for you.


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  • LiteracyWorks Projects– Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) website has news and projects to help promote adult literacy.
  • Interactive Learning Games  Hundreds of games and more in all academic subjects! This website includes Music, Typing, and Teacher Tools!

Laubach Way to Reading Checkups-

Math and Crossword Puzzles, etc.

ELL Pronunciation Tools


ELL Resources

GED Practice

  • Midkent College  – Have you given any thought to the importance of using English and Math for your family, career, and future?
  • Visit Khan to work on skills in many subjects. Tutors can link with their learners (through G-mail) to see what has been mastered and what the learner is “stuck” on.
  • 4  Get ready for the GED test by taking free practice exams on this website.
  • GED Online Videos  – Video discussion strategies about how to successfully pass the GED exam in all subject areas. A positive reinforcing study guide from the State of Missouri Adult Education and Literacy!
  • EFL/ESL Lessons Using PowerPoint – Free PowerPoint slides on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, punctuation.  Mostly intermediate levels.
  • This  WORD LIST provides the meaning of 14 prefixes and root words that will enable students to understand over 14,000 words in English!! A great vocabulary builder for the GED and other exams!
  • New Readers has a large, downloadable selection of free GED prep materials available.
  • California Distance Learning Project for Adult Learning – Adult learning activities that build reading and writing skills through stories on a variety of topics (e.g. working, family, housing, etc.).

Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Writing

  •  BBC Skillswise LiteracyThe BBC website for adults has video links to English, Math, Spelling, Writing, Grammar, Short Books, Job Skills, Computer and Internet basics, News, and more!!! Adult-friendly.

Other Resources

If you know of any tutor tools or resources worthy of sharing, please send them to Lisa Vernon, our Program Director.