Tutor Spotlight: Anita Ewing and her student Lachelle

May 2, 2014

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When my third son went away to college, I decided to find some kind of volunteer work.  I could not think of a more effective way to improve the common good than to help adults to read.   The Literacy Council’s work seemed perfect.

I was matched with Lachelle, a young mother of 2, who was very interested in learning to read at a higher level.  As we worked together, one on one, Lachelle’s reading skills have slowly and steadily improved.  She has achieved a new level of fluency.  Her goal is to read well enough to get a job working with young children.

She works steadily and deliberately and is always ready for a new challenge.  As her reading has improved, her self confidence has grown.

As I teach Lachelle to read, she teaches me things too. Lachelle has taught me that even though the road ahead seems very long, taking one step at a time, you can proudly travel down that road.

And possibly our most important achievement, Lachelle and I have become friends.

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