Student Update: Felita Thompson

October 8, 2020

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Felita Thompson (the student) shares about her experience with remote learning.

“I started with my tutor, Pat Baker, in 2018 and here I am almost two years later. There have been times when I just wanted to give up and thought it was not worth it, but with her words of encouragement, my tutor gave me the push to keep going. Admitting to myself and to a stranger that I needed help was the hardest part. If you have a tutor you know what I’m talking about.”

“So for those of you who are striving to better your reading skills, your math skills, or just getting started this is what I have to say to you: ‘good, better, best.’ Never let it rest until your good is not just better, but is your best.”

“We meet by phone every week and have not missed a beat. But, I do miss the face-to-face.”

— Felita Thompson

AACLC Tutor Pat Baker

Tutor Pat Baker

Pat’s view (the tutor)

“Sometimes you have to look back to know the distance you’ve traveled. During the two years Felita and I have been working together, she has read 21 books and is about to embark on her 22nd book, Angela’s Ashes. These books run the gamut from the classics, to the modern novel, to biographies, to memoirs, and to best sellers. Sometimes I have to ‘run’ to keep up with Felita’s readings.”

“As James Baldwin said, ‘Read, read, read, never stop reading. And when you can’t read anymore . . . WRITE!’ And that is what Felita is now engaged in, writing a memoir.”

“So when I look back over the past two years, and I see all those new books lining my bookshelves, I smile, and wonder how many more books will line those bookshelves all because of Felita’s desire to read.”

— Tutor Pat Baker

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