Wendy Wellington New Tutor Coordinator

October 5, 2020

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Wendy Wellington, AACLC Tutor Coordinator


Wendy talks about her work with the Council —

“I’ve always loved teaching and throughout my career in computers, I found many ways to teach, such as managing a small IT Help Desk, working as an Adjunct Faculty teaching user applications, and participating in a tutor program with a high school.”

“After a few years as a substitute teacher primarily in elementary schools, I decided to become a tutor for AACLC and have been impressed with the training and support they provide tutors. I have learned through the several students I’ve worked with just how difficult it is as an adult to play catch-up, whether it’s math or reading.”

“I find tutoring to be very rewarding and particularly like the challenge of fine-tuning the teachings to connect with a particular student and their needs.”

Welcome, Wendy!

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