Student Spotlight: Eirly

October 16, 2017

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Eirly and tutor Monica Hawse

Eirly, who contacted the AACLC last spring because she wanted to sharpen her literacy skills, brings a lifetime of experience to her reading sessions with her tutor Monica. Eirly is not only a mother of four and grandmother to nine; she is also a great-grandmother four times over.

Monica enjoys the personal stories and life lessons that Eirly has shared with her. From her vantage point of 74 years, Eirly knows herself well: “I am a go-getter and don’t let anything defeat me. You need to pick up what you have in life (both good and bad) and walk with it.”

Monica reports that Eirly makes continuous progress in their tutoring sessions, completing not only her assigned homework, but new lesson exercises, too. Monica is delighted by Eirly’s always-positive attitude. When Eirly reads aloud, for example, she becomes so immersed in the story’s characters that she cheers them on, exclaiming, “Bless you, Tom!” or “Don’t do that, dear … ”

In short, this tutoring pair not only respects and admires each other; they laugh a lot, too!

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