Student Spotlight: Minh Vien

July 27, 2017

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Tutor Nancy Eakin and Minh Vien

Minh Vien, who has been working with tutor Nancy Eakin since October of 2016, recently completed Laubach Way to Reading 2 and was presented with a certificate to mark her accomplishment. Minh is eager to get started on Laubach Way to Reading 3 and Nancy could not be more pleased with her progress!

Minh is a talented and in-demand nail technician who works long hours, yet finds the time to attend weekly tutoring sessions. Having been in this country for almost 15 years, she speaks English well and has an extensive vocabulary. She is an attentive and enthusiastic student who is well on her way to accomplishing her goal of improving her reading and writing skills.

Minh lives with her mother, who has experienced some serious health challenges. Minh accompanies her mother, who does not drive, to all of her doctors’ appointments. When Minh expressed a desire to improve her knowledge of medical vocabulary, Nancy provided her with medical picture dictionaries. In addition, they worked together to read patient information brochures that were obtained from a local hospital.

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