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July 28, 2017

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Deena Fujimoto’s math workshop on June 24th helped GED tutors understand the importance of using the TI 30 XS calculator* on a timed test. As Susann Felton confessed, “In all candor, even the best mathematicians among us found this workshop incredibly valuable regarding shortcuts and time-saving tips, as well as practical means to give our students more and better tools to pass their exams.”

Deena is willing to hold another workshop on this topic. If you are interested, please e-mail:

Susann Felton at or
Perinaaz Gandhi at

Deena also spoke about the importance of test-taking strategies when taking timed exams. As a teaser she provided this simple five question test Test-Taking Skills, allowed 5 minutes to complete all five questions, then explained what each question was designed to teach. Try it. If you score a 4 or better you probably have excellent test-taking skills and can teach your students. If you struggled to complete it in 5 minutes, or scored less than a 4, might we suggest you express some interest in a fall workshop by contacting Susann or Perinaaz at the above e-mails?

*The TI 30 XS is the only calculator students are allowed to use when taking the GED math test. The test is a timed test and assumes that the students are proficient with this tool and will use it to both calculate complex problems and check answers. The Council has purchased several of the calculators and we will provide them at cost to any student or tutor in the GED program for $15.00.

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