New & Improved Assessment Training

July 18, 2014

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Magic happens when one current and one former AACLC Student Coordinator work together to revamp our assessment training program.  Their collaboration has resulted in a new and greatly improved assessment training format that is based on small groups of only 3 to 4 participants during each training.

JoAnn Cook and Judy Smallwood spent the month of June training our new assessors–those individuals who conduct assessments of prospective students’ literacy levels. Accurate assessments ensure that tutors and students can more readily hit the ground running when they begin working together. A BIG thank you goes out to both JoAnn and Judy for their hard work and dedication to this important project.

Our new assessors, in alphabetical order, are Mary Austin, Emily Clement, Phyllis Emmett, Sue Glover, Bill Harrison, Jill Lindberg, Jenny Smeltzer, Donna Truax, Lina Vlavianos, Katie Williams, and Marion Young.  If you would like to take our new assessment training, please email JoAnn Cook, our Student Coordinator, at to sign up.

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