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January 16, 2013

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Annette Graves  annette210@aol.comhas agreed to take on the Tutor Coordinator position.  Annette is an educator and the Tutor Representative for the Board. She is currently tutoring both a basic literacy student and ESL student.  She will help tutors through the training process, make sure they are matched with a student, and provide ongoing tutor support.

Maureen Reynolds is our new Student Coordinator. Maureen will follow the students from the initial contact through “graduation.”  She will ensure that all students are assessed and matched with a tutor. Maureen previously worked as an assistant to Senators Barbara Mikulski and Jennie Forehand. She also served as Programs Abroad Coordinator for AFS Intercultural Programs, taught ESL classes at the Bahrain School, and has been both a tutor and assessor for our Literacy Council.

Dr. Lynda Salamon will be our Tutor Follow On Coordinator.  Lynda is a retired English professor, a founding member of Anne Arundel Women Giving Together, and a former AACLC tutor. She will be coordinating our Tutor Tune Ups and Follow On sessions throughout the year.  If you would be willing to lead a Tutor Tune Up, or have suggestions for guest speakers, please email Lynda.

Jae Sherwood a teacher and computer programmerby trade, is currently working for AACLC as our new computer facilitator.  She is the one responsible for sending out the monthly forms that collect and report all the hours our volunteers put in every month.  With these hours and our students’ successes documented, we are better able to apply for grant money and showcase our students’ achievements. Jae has previously worked for the Northern Virginia Literacy Council and volunteered her time as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), representing abused and neglected children.  

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