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Student Gwendolyn Brown with her driver’s license

Meet Gwendolyn Brown. Gwen has been working with AACLC for a few months now. When Gwen was sixteen, back in the day when there was a simple written driving test, she went as part of a class to the MVA and passed and received her license.

Fast forward several years. Gwen inadvertently let her license expire for over a year. When this happens in Maryland you need to start over in the process and take a new computerized test as well as the driving part. Gwen did not have the confidence in her reading level to feel comfortable taking the test. Things have been difficult since then and it took over ten years for her to finally build up the courage to ask for help.

Gwen and her tutor Mary Anne Stoner began studying for the exam. They sometimes met for classes at the MVA so Gwen would feel more comfortable in that environment. Gwen not only passed her test but bought a new car. The smile on her face says it all. Gwen is continuing to do well in reading and writing. She was able to accept a promotion at her job which requires her to be able to drive and instruct a crew.

Gwen keeps telling her tutor, “ I’m getting my life back”. Gwen’s new goal is to become more proficient in her reading and writing skills so she can really enjoy books. She would like to go to some author talks and eventually join a book club. Congratulations to Gwen on her many achievements!

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Hau Le and tutor Suzy Donahue


Hau Le immigrated from Vietnam two years ago and puts in long hours as a nail technician, often working seven days a week. She speaks Vietnamese, Japanese, and English and is a responsible and dedicated young woman, working hard to accomplish her dream of applying for jobs in the business field here in the United States. She has already made great progress since starting weekly tutoring sessions in June with tutor Suzy Donahue, including earning her driver license to operate a scooter so she can get to her job in downtown Annapolis.

Suzy’s tutoring sessions with Hau Le focuses on improving her conversational English, pronunciation, and grammar. Hau is also interested in currents events so they read and discuss news articles to improve her reading comprehension skills. In addition, Hau has learned how to navigate her healthcare website, make doctor appointments on the phone, and request bilingual assistance to speak with her health care providers.

Welcome To Our New Tutors!

October 8, 2018

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Fall Tutor Training Class of September 29, 2018

Thirty new talented tutors were trained and matched with students on September 29th at our Fall 2018 Tutor Training!
A big thank you goes out to trainers Jill Mischo, Dr. Perinaaz Gandhi, Susann Felton, Bob and Mary Anne Stoner, Emily Clement, Julie Pru, Michael Green, Suzy Ochs, Beth Henry, and NEDP coordinator Susan Peters.
Please note that our Follow-On training is scheduled for November 9th from 9-11 a.m.
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Literacy Lights The Way 5K Walk-A-Thon

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Please celebrate family literacy with your friends, family, and leashed dogs on Saturday, October 13th at AACLC’s 3rd Annual Literacy Lights the Way 5K Walk-a-Thon. Donation requests are $25 per adult and all proceeds will be used to purchase AACLC student and tutor books for the upcoming 2018/2019 school year. Registration is free for all AACLC students and children ages 16 and under.


2018 Walkathon Brochure

2018 Walkathon Flyer

This fun family walk will begin at 9 a.m. on the beautiful B & A Trail (Marley Station Mall entrance) and participants will receive free snacks, drinks, and a personalized wristband. Plus, all children and dogs who complete the walk will receive a prize this year!
Baltimore & Annapolis (B&A) Trail
Start at trail entrance at Marley Station Mall (Near Penney’s)
7900 Ritchie Hwy.
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
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Tutor Diana Campe and Lois Lawrence


“Lois is a delight to tutor. She is very eager to learn and does her homework diligently. I have to persuade her not to go ahead to the next assignment, as we review words with which she has had difficulty by having her write them as I read them and then creating sentences with them.”

“I feel that the main accomplishment in the few months we have had together is her newfound joy in reading. She told me that she had read a total of two books in forty years. She now has a library card and has read two since we started and is on her third book.”
tutor Diana Campe

Lois wrote:

“It is an honor for me to have Mrs. Diana Campe as a tutor. She is one of the most patient and understanding counselors I’ve met. Mrs. Diana is always looking for different ways of teaching each time we meet. In that aspect, she helps to keep learning exciting. She also tries to make sure I achieve the lessons we’re working on before we proceed to the next chapter. When difficulties arise—and believe me they do—she explains what I need to do, but she doesn’t do the work for me. That I have to figure out for myself and that’s what I like. It’s called a challenge and that is what this program is all about.”

“I thank God for my husband who helped me sign up for this program. I thank the sponsors and everyone else who helped this program get started. I don’t know about anyone else, but this program has been and is a blessing to me. Thank you so much for all you do.”
Lois Lawrence

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Tutor Susann Felton and LaToya Saunders


“Excellent student, highly motivated, and a self-starter” are words AACLC tutor Susann Felton enthusiastically uses to describe her student LaToya Saunders.

LaToya was hired for a state government position and had just completed her probationary time when a review of her file indicated she did not have the minimum educational level. When she applied for the position she had asked if her certificate from a business school met the qualifications and the Human Resources department had said yes.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. She was given unpaid leave and told to produce a GED or High School diploma. LaToya contacted AACLC in September 2017 and was matched with tutor Susann Felton. Susann then connected LaToya with the National External Diploma Program (NEDP) while also continuing to tutor her.

LaToya had to take one break in her work and also held three jobs to pay the rent and get ahead, but she persevered. We are proud to share that LaToya successfully completed the NEDP program in September of this year and has earned her high school diploma! LaToya’s graduation ceremony will be at AACC in the Pascal Center for the Performing Arts on October 17, 2018.

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Our Annual Walk-a-thon is less than 2 weeks away! Please join us on Saturday, October 13th to celebrate adult education and family literacy with your friends, family, and leashed dogs at AACLC’s 3rd Annual Literacy Lights the Way 5K Walk-a-Thon! This fun family walk will begin at 9 a.m. on the beautiful B & A Trail (Marley Station Mall entrance).

Donation requests are $25 per person and all proceeds will be used to purchase AACLC student and tutor books for the upcoming 2018/2019 school year.

*** REGISTER and/or DONATE here: ***

Registration is free for all AACLC students and children ages 16 and under. Plus, all children and leashed dogs who complete the walk will receive a prize this year! Walk-a-thon participants will receive free snacks and drinks.

Search the recent “Success Stories”  on this site to “meet” several of our students, and later this month, we’ll be featuring Gwendolyn who shares how tutoring is helping her “get her life back.” Also later, we’ll feature 30 new tutors who were trained and matched with students on September 29th. Also note that our Follow-On training will be held on November 9th from 9-11 a.m. at Woods Presbyterian Church.

Lisa Vernon, Executive Director

Kind regards,

Lisa Vernon, Executive Director

Anne Arundel County Literacy Council

301-523-6750 (cell)

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From PickTheBrain website
Posted on August 7, 2018
by Thomas Lovecraft

CLICK HERE for the whole story

“Have you ever felt inspired after reading a masterful book? Have you ever felt like the book made you see things in a different way? Have you ever discovered knowledge because of a book? Has a book made you feel wiser?
Books have power! Reading is an amazing process that can actually rewire your brain.”

Scientifically Supported Facts

Post image for Literacy: Key To Economic Growth

“The key to ensuring future U.S. economic growth is to bring traditionally marginalized or underemployed adults into the workforce.”

Fourteen percent of adults in the United States struggle with low reading, writing, and basic math skills. This includes adults that have less than a high school education, former prisoners and non-native English speakers.

Adult Basic Education Is the Key to Future U.S. Economic Growth

Recent Student Progress Reports

September 20, 2018

Post image for Recent Student Progress Reports

Student progress comments:

AACLC tutors submit volunteer hours and student progress reports each month. Here are some of the student progress comments received for the month of July:

“Lois is a joy to teach – she is so motivated and is interested in everything! When we came across the composer Mozart in one of the lessons, she said she had heard the name before but had mispronounced it. I asked her if she ever heard any of his music and she hadn’t. She watches things on YouTube a lot, so I sent her a link to a performance of one of the best known little pieces – she listened to it and liked it. Today she told me that she learns something new every time we meet and she just checked out another book from the library.”

Diana Campe

“Gwen got a library card for the first time during one of our sessions. She then later brought her thirteen-year-old grandson to the library to get a library card. The librarian gave them both a tour and Gwen’s grandson took out a book that interested him. I am so proud of Gwen for passing her love for reading on to her grandchildren!”

Mary Anne Stoner

“Robert is making slow but measurable progress. When I first met him he could only perform operations on whole numbers. He has learned how to work with fractions and negative numbers, to solve linear equations, basic word problems, and graph points.”

Eveline Robbins

“Mary is very enthusiastic and committed to learning. Lessons are going well.”

Cecilia Thompson

“My student is very bright and a joy to work with. She is a client at Chrysalis House and by order of the court must get her GED to leave. She has completed Breakthrough To Math Level 1.”

Susann Felton

“Cameisha was accepted into college! She is leaving Chrysalis House but may want to continue tutoring as she begins coursework.”

Sharon Jolie

“Iris is taking classes in basic education at Anne Arundel Community College now.”

Bob Stoner

“Tony wants to gain employment. I totally enjoy working with him and hope to assist with reaching his goals. He is an attentive student and seems to enjoy our time together.”

Sheila Savannah

“Each session moves slowly, but my student is a trooper! She keeps trying and that is very encouraging. She says she enjoys our sessions and thinks it is fun even though it is difficult for her.”

Rosemary Council

“Mia passed her Phlebotomy test and received her certification at the end of July! Aside from working on reading comprehension, Mia has been learning different ways to study to help her retain information.”

Adele Grullon-Knupp

“I had another good session with my student yesterday. He now ‘gets’ that our reading sessions (a) help him to read better, but also (b) allow him to discover new stuff about life that he was clueless about. My new goal is to get him to request the next reading session – which he did! He understands that improved reading is a ticket to a better job. He doesn’t really like his current job but he needs the money, so works hard.”

John Haig