Sherrie Realizes a Long-Term Goal

June 16, 2023

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AACLC student Sherrie Abel passed the written portion of the driver’s license test in May. After consistently studying with her tutor, Janet LaBella, for a year, Sherrie scored 25 out of 25 on her second attempt at the exam, administered by appointment on a computer at the MVA.

“I got on the computer and prayed before I started and did it,” Sherrie said.

To prepare, Sherrie used the Maryland Driver’s Manual, a glossary of terms, and sample practice tests that Janet created. The first time Sherrie took the test, she realized that a lot of the diagrams and pictures that illustrated driving scenarios in the practice test were eliminated. In response, Janet created a Word document without images. The two used it as a practice test, sometimes setting a timer so that Sherrie would feel comfortable taking the timed test at the MVA. Their plan paid off. Sherrie will now enroll in driving lessons before taking the required behind-the-wheel test in the months ahead.

Sherrie explained that getting a driver’s license has been a personal goal for over 20 years. “I am a widow,” she said. Her husband had encouraged her to get her license in case anything happened to him, but Sherrie thought he’d be around forever and had not pursued getting her license until meeting Janet.

“I love it,” Sherrie said of her work with Janet. She plans to continue receiving tutoring so that she can also better her reading.

Sherrie and Janet began working together in the spring of 2021 when Covid precautions were critical. They met outside until they were comfortable moving to an indoor setting. By last fall, they inquired and were welcomed at the Pip Moyer Recreation Center, a convenient location for both.

“Sherrie is an absolute delight,” Janet said. “We have a good time!”

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