Tutor Resources: Phonics and Science of Reading

January 26, 2023

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Globe with word newsFrom the New York Times: In Memphis, the Phonics Movement Comes to High School

At high schools in Memphis, children are using reading strategies to improve their reading and understanding of the material in their classes, even science courses. This article by education reporter Sarah Mervosh explains how the Memphis program is part of a nationwide trend to teach children to read using what is known as “the science of reading.” Read the article here (gift link). The Laubach Way to Reading adult literacy materials we use, including Focus on Phonics, provide phonics-based instruction.

Podcast on the Science of Reading

In case you’d like to know more about how reading is taught in American schools and how things are changing, check out this listen:

Hard Words: a podcast from American Public Media (APM) and journalist Emily Hanford. What happened in Bethlehem, PA, when the school district adopted methods of teaching reading that honored research findings?

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