June Is Immigrant Heritage Month

June 17, 2022

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We are thankful for the students, volunteers, and supporters among us who are immigrants. Your many contributions to our programs and communities are vital and much appreciated!

More than 25% of our students were born outside the United States and are studying English. They come from countries all over the world, including Afghanistan, El Salvador, Jamaica, Russia, Sierra Leone, and South Korea.

Many of our volunteers hail from other places too: Ecuador, India, Ireland, and Poland, to name a handful of our countries of origin.

Visit a National Endowment for the Humanities virtual bookshelf, shared in 2021, for an interactive list of projects that highlight immigrant experiences and showcase the contributions immigrants have made to American life.

Student Qamar and Tutor Robert

Qamar and Robert

Qamar and Robert (left to right) have been meeting at the Glen Burnie Library twice a week since the end of March. Qamar recently advanced to level four of our Step Forward ESL series. Congratulations, Qamar and Robert! Many thanks to the Glen Burnie Library and its staff for providing such a welcoming place to tutor and learn.

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