Student Success: Jordana

May 13, 2021

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Jordana, AACLC successful student


Jordana’s goal of training for the National Guard made possible by her diligent work with our tutors.

This winter and spring, Jordana worked with three AACLC tutors to improve her skills so that she could retake the ASVAB military entrance test* and score well enough to qualify for a Military Police training program with the National Guard.
Jordana had individual virtual sessions with Susann Felton, Marjorie Rawhouser, and Shirley Theimer. They studied math, science, and English.
“Jordana and I worked on the general science and mechanical comprehension sections of the ASVAB,” Marjorie, also a professor at AACC, said. “The general science is particularly challenging because it covers so much subject matter (basic biology, genetics, chemistry, physics, meteorology, geology, astronomy, and more). Jordana really worked hard to learn all of it.”
“Jordana and I met by Zoom 10 times during the month of her intensive preparation,” Shirley explained. “My charge was to focus exclusively on the word knowledge test. Susann generously loaned me two valuable resources: her copies of the ‘ASVAB for Dummies’ and Kaplan’s ASVAB book. Jordana and I began by reviewing the entire Dummies book. Then we worked on the supplemental material it provides for prefixes, suffixes, and root words. I augmented that book by occasionally creating practice tests for her, using the hardest words in the Dummies book, the Kaplan book, and words I encountered during the week.”
Jordana recently retook the ASVAB and on May 4, she received her results. She scored high enough to enlist with the occupational group of her choice.
“All three tutors agree she is incredible and one of the hardest working most dedicated students we have encountered,” noted Susann, who tutored Jordana in math. “She went from an initial score in the teens to a final in the sixties.”
“She is an exceptional young woman with impressive brainpower,” Shirley added.
Jordana praises each of her tutors for giving her confidence and helping her understand new ideas and concepts. Without their help and guidance, she doesn’t think her score would have doubled.

Congratulations, Jordana!

Thank you, Susann, Marjorie, and Shirley, for your dedication to Jordana and our programs.
*ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. The Literacy Council is working with potential recruits who wish to prepare for the test. They are referred to us by local Army Recruiting Stations.

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