Student Success: Alicia

May 13, 2021

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Alicia and her tutor Nancy Robinson


Through hard work and one-on-one lessons, Alicia achieves a dream

“I met Alicia in the Fall of 2019 and although I was very nervous to start tutoring, especially an ESL student (she was my first), I was quickly put at ease by her kind and gentle manner.
“After getting to know each other, I saw that even though she worked full-time, Alicia was the type of person that was sought by friends and family, as she always found time to help others. I soon realized that our pleasant conversation was as valuable to her as the lessons in the book. Her progress was swift, and a ripple effect quickly occurred within her community. She was more confident when engaging the staff at her granddaughter’s school and she delighted in the help she could offer neighbors who were struggling with forms at the U.S. Post Office.
“We stopped meeting shortly after 2020 began as the new year presented many challenges for us, along with the rest of the world. When I resumed tutoring Alicia earlier this year, I was totally impressed! Alicia had memorized all the answers to the citizenship test during our time apart. In my Zoom lessons with her, I was getting a government and history refresher from my student!
“I am thrilled to say that Alicia passed her citizenship test in April and will soon be attending her Naturalization Oath Ceremony. Congratulations to Alicia for achieving her goal!”
Nancy Robinson,

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