Sarah’s Tutor Tips: Change Things Up

February 8, 2019

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The following resources can be used to add a little variety and fun to your tutoring sessions with your students this month.

Level 1:

Create a sentence in print on three-line paper using your student’s name. Duplicate the sentence, so that you can cut one into separate words to use as puzzle pieces.  Include generous amounts of space between the words, and keep them in an envelope of bag for use.   “Jack likes to read books to his son.”  “Carol writes a list of things she needs from the grocery store.”  You can make the sentences shorter or longer, and you can also print other words to modify the sentences.

Show the complete sentence to your student then let them use the puzzle pieces to put the sentence in order.

Level 2:

Ask your student about the subject and nouns, and action words in a few sentences. Have your student copy the sentences in his notebook, or create a new sentence. You can also have your student discuss or write about a picture from a magazine or book.

Level 3:

Use the skillbook story links at  to read and discuss sentences and stories on the Literacy Council of Montgomery County’s website. Discuss nouns, action words, descriptive words, and punctuation in each sentence.

Tutor Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner


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