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February 19, 2019

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Elsa wants to write grammatically correct sentences. She can write the first sentence correctly, then she runs all her words together. Part of the problem is that she does not have a clear understanding of the major components of a sentence – subject-verb-object. We are starting at square one and I think she is getting frustrated with the grammar. Any ideas on how to approach this from another angle?


The articles on the website are written in three levels, and the sentences show good examples of subject-verb agreement. One can read the more complex statements of level 3, and simplify them by reading level 1 to show students the difference. (And the video/audio is read in matching levels).

I also REALLY like the free educational website: There is a dropdown menu for Language Arts that include games for ABCs, GRAMMAR, and SENTENCES, and more.

This site should help students build proper sentences. The graphics are amazing and make learning interesting. I’ve tried several games: “Does it make sense?”, “Kung-Fu Sentences”, (ESL Do You Want to Be a Millionaire?), “What is in here” puzzle pieces, “Who, How, Type, What, Where” building silly sentences… etc. These games are fun!!!!

Tutors should take time playing with the games to find the ones that they think their student will enjoy. I like clicking on the WRONG answers to get an explanation of the RIGHT answers on the interactive weebly site.

Also, when writing a composition it’s okay to put all your thoughts down (even in run-on jumbles). BUT you do have to go back, cut and paste, drag and drop…, to create and make proper sense out of those thoughts to make them understandable to your readers. When practicing for writing essays, one should take 2 to 3 minutes to brainstorm ideas to create an order for writing your final passage.

News-in-Levels is a good example of simple sentences and thoughts (level 1) to adding lots of adjectives/adverbs/ details in (level 3).


The way we speak and write can be very different. All of us have to learn to speak and write correct grammar. There are games for that, too, on the Interactive Weebly site. This site is free and wonderful!

Tutor Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner

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