Success Story: Hau Le and Tutor Suzy Donahue

October 15, 2018

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Hau Le and tutor Suzy Donahue


Hau Le immigrated from Vietnam two years ago and puts in long hours as a nail technician, often working seven days a week. She speaks Vietnamese, Japanese, and English and is a responsible and dedicated young woman, working hard to accomplish her dream of applying for jobs in the business field here in the United States. She has already made great progress since starting weekly tutoring sessions in June with tutor Suzy Donahue, including earning her driver license to operate a scooter so she can get to her job in downtown Annapolis.

Suzy’s tutoring sessions with Hau Le focuses on improving her conversational English, pronunciation, and grammar. Hau is also interested in currents events so they read and discuss news articles to improve her reading comprehension skills. In addition, Hau has learned how to navigate her healthcare website, make doctor appointments on the phone, and request bilingual assistance to speak with her health care providers.

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