Student Spotlight: Gwendolyn Brown

October 22, 2018

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Student Gwendolyn Brown with her driver’s license

Meet Gwendolyn Brown. Gwen has been working with AACLC for a few months now. When Gwen was sixteen, back in the day when there was a simple written driving test, she went as part of a class to the MVA and passed and received her license.

Fast forward several years. Gwen inadvertently let her license expire for over a year. When this happens in Maryland you need to start over in the process and take a new computerized test as well as the driving part. Gwen did not have the confidence in her reading level to feel comfortable taking the test. Things have been difficult since then and it took over ten years for her to finally build up the courage to ask for help.

Gwen and her tutor Mary Anne Stoner began studying for the exam. They sometimes met for classes at the MVA so Gwen would feel more comfortable in that environment. Gwen not only passed her test but bought a new car. The smile on her face says it all. Gwen is continuing to do well in reading and writing. She was able to accept a promotion at her job which requires her to be able to drive and instruct a crew.

Gwen keeps telling her tutor, “ I’m getting my life back”. Gwen’s new goal is to become more proficient in her reading and writing skills so she can really enjoy books. She would like to go to some author talks and eventually join a book club. Congratulations to Gwen on her many achievements!

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