March 2016 Message From The Director

March 10, 2016

Lisa Vernon, Executive Director

Lisa Vernon, Executive Director

February was a very productive month for the Literacy Council. Activities included tutor/student recruitment at the North County, Crofton, and Brooklyn Park libraries; a well attended math workshop led by Larry Smith: February 22/March 8 tutor-training preparations for our class of 36 new tutors, including the completion of student assessments for their tutor/student matches; and the fine-tuning of our new AACLC database as well as the initial training for data entry. A tremendous thanks goes out to the team of volunteers who made this progress possible through their hard work, time, and talents.

Our April 8th Appreciation Event for tutors, students, and volunteers is next month. Please make plans to attend!    

Warmest Regards,

Lisa Vernon

Director, Anne Arundel County Literacy Council

410-269-4419 (office)

410-798-0408 (home)

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