Behind The Scenes: Our Database Administrator

January 21, 2016

Christine Harrison, AACLC Database Administrator

Christine Harrison, AACLC Database Administrator

Christine Harrison, our Database Administrator, has made significant improvements in communication and support for our tutors and students this past year, while also improving the reporting of tutor hours and goals tracking. Results to share for 2015:

  • Intake and assessments were completed for 76 new students.
  • 85 new volunteers were recruited and trained.
  • 218 tutor/student matches were supported.

Student achievements – which represent significant progress on the part of the student, and may serve as incremental steps toward achieving high level goals – were tracked for the first time this year.

Student achievements reported by tutors in 2015 include:enhanced comprehension, improved conversational skills and increased self-confidence; the ability to read newspapers, mail and signage; reading for pleasure and reading to others; the ability to sign documents in cursive; the ability to communicate competently with teachers and public officials; the receipt of recognition for improved performance at work (including monetary recognition); and many, many others.

We can also report some very significant achievements from our student-tutor matches during 2015:

14 students got a job or better job
21 students entered other education and/or training
31 students advanced level(s) in curriculum series
18 students improved employability skills
  1 student  obtained citizenship                   

  2 students obtained a driver’s license

  2 students received GED or other secondary school degree

11 students improved scores on standardized tests

56 students achieved other personal goals which included obtaining wellness and/or healthy lifestyles, improved consumer skills, involvement in community activities, leading a project at work, reading and comprehending a utility bill, reading a book for the first time, reading the Bible, sending and receiving text messages, and obtaining a library card for the first time.

We look forward with confidence that our students will achieve even greater successes in 2016. As Robert Browning stated “…the best is yet to be…”

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