Why We Do What We Do: Lizzie Jones and Ha Nordrum

October 28, 2015

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Student Ha Nordrum with tutor Lizzie Allen-Jones
Ha Nordrum and her husband moved from her native Vietnam to the U.S. in 2008 and she now works as a nail technician in a salon in Odenton. Ha’s work ethic and drive to master English is so admired by her coworkers that they encourage Ha’s English studies and allow her to do her homework and practice her new skills during slow times at the salon.
AACLC tutor Lizzie Allen-Jones began meeting up with Ha at the the West County Library in Odenton last May. Lizzie found that while Ha’s formal education had ended in the 8th grade, her reading ability was noticeably good. However, it was equally apparent that Ha needed help in articulating English sounds.

After doing some research on how to work effectively with Vietnamese native speakers, Lizzie began concentrating more on English conversation rather than reading and spelling. Ha has responded enthusiastically to this learning approach.
Ultimately, Ha would like to get her U.S. citizenship and exercise her right to vote. She is an incredibly warm and loving woman and a delight to work with!

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