Introducing Christine Harrison: AACLC Database Administrator

June 29, 2015

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As Database Administrator, I am the least visible member of the Literacy Council staff. But please know that each of you are very clear in my sight from the day you contact the Literacy Council until the day you end your relationship with us.

Tutors: I know that you are amazed at the determination and perseverance of your students, that you are alternately proud, concerned, frustrated and joyous at their progress. I know about the connections that you have developed with your students as mentor and often, as friend. I know how much you have grown through your experience of being a tutor.

Students: I know that you have, for the first time, read a book to a young child; that you have prepared a meal by following instructions you read in a cookbook; that you breezed through Laubach 2 but are stuck on lesson 4 in Laubach 3; that you passed your driver’s test; that you are struggling with the “ng” sound; and that you faithfully meet your tutor each week and work on the challenges of the day’s lesson.

I may not have met you, but I am incredibly proud of all that you, as members of this organization, continue to accomplish. And I look forward to another year of reading about how frustrated, hardworking, shy, determined and totally awesome you are as you faithfully pursue the often snail-paced process of improving lives.

Christine Harrison
Database Administrator

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