Success Story: Ha Nordrum Pursues Citizenship

February 10, 2015

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Tutor Susi Smith and Ha Nordrum

I have been working with Ha Nordrum since October. She is a delightful woman with a cheerful, sweet personality. She moved here from Vietnam six years ago, and learned about the Literacy Council from her niece, Phung Phan, who recently signed up for tutoring sessions.

Ha is very motivated to improve her skills in reading and writing English. Speaking and reading English with more ease will help her on the job, since she works as a nail technician and interacts with English-speaking clients all day.

Ha’s persistence will pay off, since English is a difficult language for many Vietnamese learners to master. Our verb tenses, the pronunciation of certain consonants, and shades of meaning in vocabulary words can be daunting for Vietnamese speakers, since their language is tonal (word meanings can be altered by various tones, unlike English.) But Ha receives the kind of incredible support from her husband Tuan Nordum, her mother-in-law (who speaks both English and Vietnamese), and her niece, that enable  her to set her sights high: Ha is looking forward to the day she can become a U.S. citizen and vote.

It is a joy working with Ha.

~ Susi Smith

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