Student Spotlight: Hattie McCullers

January 15, 2015

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Hattie McCullers and tutor Bonnie Wright

Hattie McCullers first learned about the Literacy Program when she saw an ad in the Capital, and she carried it with her until she had the opportunity to call. I am glad she did!

Hattie was born in South Carolina, the third in line of five girls and six boys. She said life growing up was a combination of work and fun – and lots of babysitting. Understandably, family is everything to her. Hattie and her husband, George, have one son and daughter, and four grandchildren. Her family is very supportive of her lessons.


Hattie with granddaughter Natalie

Hattie told me that her literacy goals are”to understand everything I read” and “to spell any word at the drop of a hat.” She would like to write a children’s book and has been working on a project to create a book of family history for her granddaughter Natalie, who was born in March. There is a lot of heart in it.

Hattie is a pleasure to work with. She is always cheerful and prepared.  Assessed at Laubach 4, she is excelling in her reading, and doing well in spelling. Hattie is conscientious about doing her homework, which any tutor will tell you is a blessing. She feels that being in this program has helped her come closer to her goals of learning to express herself in writing and improving her spelling. Most importantly, her self-confidence has really grown. Her whole demeanor shows it, and I am very proud of her.

Bonnie Wright

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