Adult Literacy Affects Us All

March 24, 2023

More than 36 million adults in the United States lack basic literacy skills. In fact, according to the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, 54% of adults struggle to read, write, and comprehend, impacting their daily lives.

“This crisis affects all of us — lying at the core of the multigenerational cycles of poverty, poor health, and low educational attainment that impact our families, businesses, communities, and our nation as a whole” — the Barbara Bush Foundation.

The AACLC’s programs address adult literacy needs in Anne Arundel County. To see what literacy looks like in our communities, Maryland, and surrounding areas, visit the Barbara Bush Foundation’s Literacy Gap Map.

Low Literacy Costs Money!

“Adult literacy can change everything.” We could save an estimated $106 – $238 billion a year in healthcare costs if we eliminated low adult literacy in the United States. Get more facts on adult literacy at

Cost of low literacy statistics

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