Student Highlights, 2021

January 19, 2022

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As we embark on our 45th year, the AACLC looks forward to 2022’s possibilities for our students, tutors, volunteers, and the community. Last year, students accomplished a range of goals.

Some Student Highlights from 2021:

  • Five students advanced through their high school equivalency programs, and one student earned her high school diploma!
  • Three students passed the ASVAB military entrance exam and enlisted to serve.
  • One student passed the U.S. citizenship test.
  • Another ESL student got her driver’s license.
  • Students continued or started their studies at AACC.
  • Several students made a healthy lifestyle change.
  • Students in our programs continued registering to vote or voting.
  • Many students got library cards.
  • Several ESL students improved their ability to communicate in English through conversation, email, and texting.
  • Students improved their computer and technical skills.
  • Many students increased confidence in their abilities, gained a consumer skill, or improved an employability skill.
  • Students also got new or better jobs.

We are so proud of our students!


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