Tutor Testimonial: Literacy Changes Lives

October 26, 2021

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“Reading tutor Jan Booth holds up one of the sheets handed out by the Literacy Council Dinner’s featured speaker Ray Williams who happens to be her student. The writing on the sheet depicts what words might look like to someone with a learning disability like Williams. They can appear out of order, backwards or like Chinese characters. Her other student, Brian Martin is just behind her.” Sharon Lee Tegler


“I am a tutor for the AACLC and have experienced first hand the difference in individual lives when access to free tutoring and opportunities to learn to read and write are provided. One of my students, now 60, has returned to tutoring after having been aided by AACLC tutoring when he was in his 40s. Now, after raising his children and meeting his responsibilities, he is giving himself the gifts of reading to his grandchildren and writing personal notes to his infirm father.

My other student is a bright, hardworking man whose dyslexia now interferes with his career. He has been promoted to a managerial position and knows that improving his writing and reading skills is essential to retaining his position and moving forward with promotions.It is a privilege to work with these students and reminds me that literacy is a priceless gift, which we too often take for granted.”

 – AACLC Literacy tutor Jan Booth

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