Remote Tutoring Success

March 15, 2021

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Useful ideas and follow-up from our Zoom Roundtable

  • Use Google Docs to look at a document at the same time as your student — see changes made in real-time and discuss them while you are working.
  • Check out Quizlet for generating vocabulary lists, flashcards, multiple-choice quizzes, and other study tools. Use the app or the website.
  • Use screen sharing and real or virtual whiteboards to work out math problems or to review material with your student.
  • Some libraries are already creating and providing access to their summer reading sections, which are organized by reading level. Look for books of interest to your student, and always feel free to ask a librarian for help.

For more advice about tutoring from a distance, please contact Wendy to receive our Virtual Tutoring Guide — a compilation of tips and resources from AACLC staff, trainers, and tutors. Tips on low-tech virtual tutoring are included.

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