Meet Outstanding Student Ana Leveron

January 28, 2020

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Tutor Rosemary Council and Student Ana Leveron


Ana began her journey as a Level 1 ESL student in December 2017. Since that time, she has progressed to Level 4! Ana’s desire to advance to a managerial position, to better communicate with her children’s teachers, and to help her youngest child with his homework serve as incentives to improve her English skills. She manages to attend her weekly two-hour tutoring sessions and complete all homework assignments while working full-time and being a dedicated wife and mother of two.

Since starting her tutoring sessions, her improved English skills have enabled her to interact more with customers and to take on additional responsibilities at work. She is also finding it easier to communicate with school administrators and teachers. She enjoys watching children’s television programs with her son who is in first grade.

Ana’s enthusiasm for learning and her determination to improve her English skills serve as an inspiration to those who feel overwhelmed with daily responsibilities. She arrives each week with a smile and an eagerness to learn. She remains undaunted by the level of difficulty of the material and the long tutoring session after a day of work and household chores. She is an outstanding student who is very thankful for the learning opportunities provided by the Literacy Council Program.

Tutor Rosemary Council

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