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April 2, 2018

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Featured below is a recent AACLC tutor review from

“Working as a tutor with AACLC has been an extremely rewarding experience and one of the most worthwhile projects I have ever undertaken. Things that someone who reads takes for granted are difficult if not impossible for an adult non-reader — applying for a job or even qualifying for most jobs, getting a driver license, finding items at a grocery store, reading the directions for your prescription medicines, paying bills, voting, reading notices children bring home from school, staying in touch with family and friends by texting or email or Facebook, etc.

The student I have been tutoring for the past six months is a 44-year old mother of six who dropped out of school when she was sixteen, with minimal reading skills. She sought out AACLC because her children were growing up and were not going to be around much longer to help her with things that required reading.

She and I were both nervous when we met and unsure about what this experience was going to be like, but we quickly found a comfortable routine. We meet at the library twice a week for two-hour tutoring sessions and her reading and writing skills improve with every session. Working at her own pace and with the undivided attention of a tutor are the reasons that she is learning how to read now, something she was never able to do when she was in school.

In addition to seeing a rapid increase in her reading ability, I have seen her whole appearance, personality and demeanor change from quiet and reserved to outgoing, smiling, and confident. She now has a part-time job, her first job in many years, and she looks forward to having access to a wider range of job opportunities as her reading and writing skills continue to grow. This is a strong woman who has a lot to offer our community, and AACLC is the reason she will be able to do that.

None of us could be effective tutors without the training, support, and educational materials provided by AACLC. Few adult non-readers would participate in literacy training without the warm, respectful, and supportive outreach that AACLC provides to them. Everyone in our community benefits when an adult non-reader learns to read. We are fortunate that AACLC is a well-run organization that is working to meet this need.”

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