Tutor Spotlight: Jessica Fumando

November 22, 2017

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Jessica Fumando and tutor John Carley

John Carley, a retired EPA professional, has tutored several students since his initial tutor training in October 2016. After his retirement in 2010, he sought volunteer opportunities with other charitable organizations, but never found a good fit. He relishes the independence he has now as a tutor and feels that in tutoring with the Anne Arundel County Literacy Council, he has the freedom to figure out the best way to do things for his students and to focus his lessons on their needs.

John’s current student Jess has made significant progress since they started working together. Jess has enjoyed having John as a tutor, saying he is “great” and has helped her get over her “huge phobia of fractions.” She also appreciates the individual attention she gets during one-on-one tutoring. “I can say specifically ‘I’m not understanding this.'” she explains. “Then he can break it down for me in a different way so I’m able to understand.”

-Written by Trevor Stern

UPDATE: We were delighted to learn that Jessica and John were featured in a wonderful article on the ProLiteracy Blog “Literacy Changes Lives — When Life Grew Difficult, She Didn’t Give Up.” CLICK HERE to read this piece.

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