Tutor Spotlight: Sharon Jollie

September 12, 2017

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Tutor Sharon Jollie

Life often throws “curve balls” at us or we are faced with circumstances that lead us down a path.   When that happens we are forced to make choices and navigate our paths.   Maybe because I moved a lot as a child and had lived in 22 homes by the time I was 27 I felt a calling to teach and work with people to improve their situations.   I don’t know exactly why I pursued education but eventually, it led me down a path of teaching math, obtaining a master’s degree in adult education, and recently volunteering as a math tutor for the Literacy Council of AA county.

  My path converged with a lovely 32-year-old woman who had not been able to complete high school, had married and had three children, battled with some health issues, but made the decision to become a model for her children by working to complete the last portion of the GED test – MATH.   We worked together for several weeks and she decided to take the test.   She missed passing by 1 point.   But, because she was a patient, capable, and a determined woman she continued to meet with me.   We decided to work through the algebra and geometry sections at a slower pace and work for understanding.

  The day came once again when she would take the test and this time she passed the math portion with a strong score.   She had conquered.   She had pushed that obstacle to the side and walked away with pride for her accomplishment.   I received the text with the news and literally shouted “Wahoo!” to my living room.   I was proud of what we had accomplished as a team.   I miss her.   We had a friendship developing, but I also know there is another person who might benefit from the program so likely our paths will diverge.

  To my first student…..I am proud of you!   I wish you continued success.   I think you are a wonderful mother and wife and I wish you only good things on the next path you choose to follow.

-Sharon Jollie

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