Student Success: Chenel Moore

September 18, 2017

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Tutor Angelia Shields and Chenel Moore

My math student, Chenel Moore, went to Anne Arundel Community College today and registered for College Algebra.  That was the goal that Chenel and I set – keeping in mind that she had to be algebra-ready to take the class and feel confident that she could do well in it.

We’ve spent hours at Glen Burnie Library and Panera Bread-Glen Burnie preparing for this moment.  While we were preparing, we formed a wonderful friendship where she knows that I have her back, not just with math, but with anything.  And, I told her in the very beginning that she will say math is fun when we are done, so we’re working toward that goal.  We had some goal-based incentives we reached and we celebrated when we reached them. She’ll be confident and prepared.  It was a huge step for her to pay that money today and have confidence in herself to register.

  My heart is full because I know that we made a difference in Chenel’s life.  She couldn’t afford a math tutor and college, and it’s because of AACLC that she didn’t have to choose.
~ Tutor Angela Shields


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