Student Update: Rosalyn

May 20, 2016

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Rosalyn and tutor Lynette Delprete

Rosalyn discovered the Literacy Council while doing a search for “reading tutors” on the internet. She contacted the Literacy Council and a reading assessment was scheduled. Rosalyn tested at a Laubach 4 reading level and was then matched with tutor Lynette DelPrete.

Since their first session in May 2014, Lynette knew she was working with a focused, hard-working student who was not afraid to use all of the resources available to accomplish her goal of earning her GED. Rosalyn arrives early to every session, completes extra homework, and researches grammar, sentence structure and writing tips on the internet.

Update: Rosalyn has enrolled in the Adult Basic Skills class at Anne Arundel Community College, and Lynette will continue to work with Rosalyn to support her as she works towards her GED.

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