Student Spotlight: Jose

November 24, 2015

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Jose and tutor Diane McBee

Working with Jose has been great. He is a very hardworking and kind young man who came to this country from El Salvador. Because he works as a waiter, he realizes how important it to communicate clearly with his customers and co-workers and appreciates how improving his reading skills will enable him to comprehend the menus, signs, and legal documents that he confronts in his daily life. We work on pronunciation, too; there are a few tricky sounds that we practice regularly.

Jose is an enthusiastic student. While we’ve completed several workbooks, we’ve found that the website “” has been an especially useful resource. The website includes lots of lessons at different levels, and even offers online classes with teachers. After working independently online, Jose can come back to me with questions.

We also like exploring the cultural differences between El Salvador and the United States. Perhaps my biggest challenge has been trying to explain the difference between American and Salvadoran football and what a pass option is!

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