Student Showcase

October 23, 2015

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Tutor Joyce Rogers along with students Jamal Bidjev, James Moore, and Eric Pearmon

Joyce Rogers is in high demand as a tutor at Vesta in Odenton, and finds her students to be very hard working, appreciative, and rewarding. Joyce first began meeting with Eric Pearmon nearly two years ago. Eric enjoys working on his reading skills so that he can more effectively read the Bible. Eric has completed Laubach Book 4 as well as Challenger 3 and is currently working in Challenger 4.

James Moore noticed that Eric was enjoying his tutor sessions and asked to begin studying as well. James likes to read many different genres and is interested in maintaining his reading skills and improving his spelling. He is nearly finished with Laubach Book 4.

Jamal Bidjev is anxious to improve his reading skills so that he can secure better employment. He has been working with Joyce for less than six months and has already completed Laubach Book 1. He is currently working in Book 2.

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