Student Spotlight: Ira Richardson

October 16, 2014

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Tutor Sarah Fredericks with her student Ira Richardson

My name is Ira Richardson.  I am originally from a small town called Scotland Neck, North Carolina.  I was born and raised on a small farm.  My mother and father had only a 3rd grade education because both dropped out of school to work.  I am one of seven children.  Growing up was a very difficult challenge.  I attended school through the 12th grade.  I had to conquer my worst fears: very low self-esteem, being shy, having to deal with acne and the ability to speak without stuttering and stammering.

I am now married with two children. My wife Renita is a Personnel Specialist.  My daughter Nakia is 22 years old and attending college.  She is studying to become a Psychiatrist and will graduate this December. My son Nehimiah is 14 years old and in the 9th grade.  Currently, I have a job as a professional Pest Control Applicator.  I have been doing this job for 26 years.  It requires good reading, writing, and computer technology skills.  If you were to ask me what I am good at, I would say taking care of my family and pest control.

I contacted the Literacy Council in March, 2014, because I did not know how to spell or pronounce certain words.  This interfered with my ability to read and understand what I was reading.  My tutoring lessons started in April.  Since then,  I have improved my reading and writing skills.  My tutor, Sarah Fredericks, always encourages me to read books written by different authors, so that I can explore new writing styles.  I especially like reading mysteries.

Success! I have now read two books:

  • The Very Bad Dream
  • The Hardy Boys, Undercover Brothers (#8): Top Ten Ways to Die

I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

My ultimate goal is to attend college and study Homeland Security or Criminal Justice

Ira Richardson, September 21st, 2014

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