SPOTLIGHT: Student Helen Zhuang and Tutor Cynthia Palmer

May 22, 2013

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Thirty-six year old Helen Zhuang came to the US from China five years ago with her husband and son, who is now 12 years old. Helen received an accounting degree in China and worked there as a bank teller for several years.  She currently works part-time in a restaurant, but her long-term goal is to be proficient enough in English to pursue a full-time accounting position. Her short-term goals include being more involved in her son’s education, more independent in managing her household, and confident enough to make English-speaking friends and be truly involved in her community. Helen has been working diligently to improve her spoken English and her ability to understand others in order to meet these goals.

Volunteer tutor Cynthia Palmer has found Helen to be a joy to work with–she is cheerful, reliable, bright, inquisitive and a very hard worker.  She takes pride in mastering grammar, pronunciation and new vocabulary, especially slang and idioms! Helen is making intensive efforts to improve her English as quickly as possible and her progress is impressive.

When the world says “Give up,” hope says, ” Try it one more time.”   Author Unknown

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