How Being A Student Changed My Life: Dwede’s Story

August 23, 2012

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My name is Dwede, from Liberia, West Africa.  I am married with two kids.  I go to school to learn to read and write better.

The hardest part of being a student is having children and going to school at the same time.  Doing assignments and studying makes me so tired.  I have to take care of the kids, do housewife work, cook, cleanup.  I like to do my homework early in the morning when the children are sleeping.

The good part of being a student is that I can read my bills, letters from my son’s school, read my assignment and understand it.  See the sound and understand. That makes me feel good and happy.

I work at a hotel where I am a housekeeper.  At work, you have to write down if you spend one hour in the room, or more than one hour, you write down why you spent that time in the room.  If you can’t write, then maybe it will not reach to the manager because she could forget.  If it is on the paper, then when she is doing the paperwork, she will see what you put on the paper.

I will never give up in life!  I just have to get my high school certificate for me and my children because it is good to read and write and to understand what you read and what you write.  It will make me able to get a better job.  It will make my children learn how to read and write and be able to do their own assignments by themselves.

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