Updated Info, brochure, & forms for “Literacy Lights The Way” Walk-A-Thon 10/15/16

August 20, 2016


Registration and Donation Links added below

Grab your calendars and reserve Saturday, October 15th from 8:30 – 9:45 a.m. for our first Literacy Council walkathon in over a decade.

“Literacy Lights the Way” is the theme for the walkathon, which is open to all and will be held on the B & A Trail. A beautiful commemorative t-shirt will be included with registration for this event. There are details below.

Downloadable Event Brochure

This includes registration form and space for contributions and sponsors. Links below for registering online or by snail mail.CLICK HERE. On most computers, you can right-click for instant download or left-click to view brochure.

Event Online Donation Page

Even if you don’t walk, we’d very much appreciate your donation to support our walkers and our cause! Click “Event Donation Page” above to donate online. Or CLICK HERE.

Downloadable Registration Form

This is for those who wish to download a form and mail it in. It includes a place for you to record contributions from friends and family who might wish to sponsor your participation. No gift is too small, and contributions are 100% tax deductible. CLICK HERE to download form. On most computers, you can right-click for instant download or left-click to view form.

Event Online Registration Page

Join the Walk-a-thon to support our organization by clicking “Event Registration Page” above. A beautiful commemorative T-shirt will be included with registration. Or CLICK HERE.


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