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November 15, 2020

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Tutor Sue Tafler

Tutor Sue Tafler

Jenna Yim and I started meeting in February at the Crofton Library while her son was at kindergarten. Then coronavirus shut everything down!

We have continued to meet on Skype while her son is on another computer in first grade.

Jenna studied English during her school years in South Korea and she even studied nursing in Nevada, graduating in 2009. But then as a US Army spouse, she ended up living in Japan, Okinawa, and South Korea. Jenna’s husband is now stationed at Fort Meade so they are living in Gambrills.

AACLC Student Jenna

AACLC Student Jenna

While her English is still pretty good, Jenna knows she needs practice to be able to use English every day. (Jenna and her husband mostly speak Korean at home as well as at church.) She wants to be able to speak confidently with neighbors and her son’s teachers, to read fluently, and to write easily in English.

During our weekly sessions, we make sure to allow time for conversations. Jenna has just finished Challenger book 3, where she has found idioms and common expressions the most challenging to read, as well as words that are spelled the same but mean different things. We just started Challenger book 4!

I have been assigning Jenna one-page personal essays so she can practice expressing herself in writing. She scans her handwritten piece and sends it to me attached to an email, and then I mark it up with corrections and suggestions and send a new scan to her by email so we can go over it at our next Skype session.

I look forward to when Jenna and I can sit next to each other at the library!

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