Distance Learning Using Zoom and a Smartphone

April 20, 2020

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Tutor Jill Berie


“Because of social distancing restrictions, I am now using the Zoom format for tutoring my student Brosha. I was worried that it would not work well because Brosha only has access to a Smartphone. But, amazingly, our initial session went very well. In fact, I think this new format may be even better for us. Brosha is more physically comfortable, less self-conscious and more focused.

As a result of Brosha’s increased comfort level, I found I slowed my pace, and increased the complexity of the questions I asked of her.”

BASICS​ for Zoom​:

  • Tutor sets up a free Zoom account.
  • Student downloads app on phone, or sets up ​a ​student with Meeting ID and Password.
  • Student joins the meeting.

Note: In a 1:1 meeting, there is no time limit.

(Because ​my student​ does not use email, I texted her the Meeting ID and Password.)

There are literally hundreds of online video tutorials for Zoom that would be helpful to tutors. There are also other platforms including Google, Microsoft, Skype, etc. but Zoom seems to be easy to use and has lots of features.

​This link​ might be useful to​ tutors​.​ ​https://www.simplykinder.com/zoom-tutorial-for-teachers/

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