Student Success: Iris Herrarte

August 19, 2019

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Tutor Bob Stone and Student Iris Herrarte


Each week for the past 3 years, AACLC tutor Bob Stoner has been meeting with Iris Herrarte at the Brooklyn Park Library for 2-hour tutoring sessions. They began in Book 1 of Laubach, and now three years later Iris is working on preparing for the GED using US history, math, science, and writing workbooks! Iris also continues to work on mastering English through further study in grammar workbooks.

Iris has had quite a journey over the last three years, from learning enough English to talk to her children’s teacher, to being able to translate for her friends. She has also recommended family members and friends to the AACLC to get help with their English.

Bob and Iris have taken breaks from academic study to do practical things like creating a resume and doing an online job hunt, getting her first credit card to build a credit history, and now Iris is looking into buying a house. Iris and Bob, along with the support of the AACLC, have been able to work together to make a positive difference in the Brooklyn Park community.

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