Student Spotlight: Winston and Tutor Bonnie Wright

August 18, 2014

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Above: Tutor Bonnie Wright and Student Winston

Winston and I have met twice a week for lessons at the Brooklyn Park Library since mid-May. He is an intelligent, soft-spoken young man who wants to improve his reading ability and ultimately achieve a GED. Winston’s actively searching for better career opportunities, too:  He recently lost his job due to cutbacks and is eager to find work in the building, carpentry, or drywall fields.

Winston’s the kind of man who seeks out ways to contribute to his community, and has a special interest in volunteering at Harbor Hospital. His dedication is obvious, so I’m not very surprised by the great progress he is making–completing Laubach 2 and starting to tackle Laubach 3. I’m especially impressed by his growing self-confidence.     

And I think all of us at the AACLC have a hand in Winston’s success. Not long ago, Literacy Council Director Lisa Vernon and her husband Tom observed Winston and me working together during a tutoring session. Afterwards Winston was quite impressed that they took the time to come by, remarking “I feel like I have a whole team behind me in my learning.”

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